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Anastasia Sloss, MA, LMFTA
Southern Connecticut State University
Marriage and Family Therapy
Pink Bird
Key Therapy Counseling

Ana is a Marriage and Family Therapist graduate from Southern Connecticut State University and comes with a wealth of knowledge across all lifespans. She has experience working with nonverbal children as an Applied Behavior Analyst to assist in emotional expression, along with several years spent working in the domestic violence field promoting healthy relationships on college campuses. Additionally, she has spent a significant amount of time working with combat veterans at the U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs Hospital to help rebuild intrapersonal relationships within oneself. 


Ana's passion lies within helping individuals rediscover their worth, building self-esteem, and strengthening relationships through experiential talk therapy and art therapy. As a Marriage and Family Therapist, Ana's approach is systemic - where did you learn that you're not deserving? What is underneath your anger, grief, anxiety, depression? Ana helps individuals dive deep to the root of a problem, offers strength-based outcomes, and believes in the power of an effective therapist-client relationship for symptom reduction.

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