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Donna Sheehan -MFTA

I graduated from Southern Connecticut State University and have been practicing clinical work as an Intern Therapist for over two years. Prior to becoming an MFTA, I spent over twenty years working as a family law paralegal helping people navigate change through divorce, separation, relocation, custody, and co-parenting issues.  I have experience with recovery from trauma, substance/alcohol use, and other mental health issues faced by human beings.  I believe we all struggle at times in life, and I have seen how better connecting to ourselves and in our relationships can be transformative. I believe that awareness, hope, empathy, and intention are the keys to increasing supportive connections, and I strive to bring these vital aspects into the therapy room. 


I am honored by the incredible trust I am given as I am allowed to join with people on an important part of their journey.  I practice with an integrative style of many sound theories and while I lean toward Solution Focused Narrative Theory and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, I will present various effective interventions depending on what you hope to achieve so that we can collaborate on what makes sense and works best for you.  Together we can expand awareness to richly define what matters most, explore preferred outcomes, and reconnect to inherent strengths and additional resources you may have forgotten or temporarily be unable to see.

"You drown, not by falling into a river, but by staying submerged in it."
Paulo Choelo
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