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Key Therapy was founded in February of  2014 by Stephanie Power and Samantha Birtwell, two women embarking on their second careers. Before becoming business partners, Stephanie and Samantha met in their Marriage and Family Therapy graduate programs at Fairfield University where they attended classes together. They eventually came to realize that they shared a similar vision; to create a multi-disciplinary group cooperative that would integrate a holistic approach to wellness, including services such as trauma informed yoga, therapeutic massage, hypnosis, animal assisted therapy, medication management and nutritional healing. In true partnership, they launched Key Therapy LLC at 755 Main Street in the Bradford Green complex, and later moved to 731 Main Street when they outgrew their space. The journey was not without its trials. Stephanie was diagnosed with a rare form of  breast cancer in their second year of business and continued to battle through multiple surgeries and treatments. Stephanie passed away in February of 2019 at the age of 51.

Stephanie was a ray of sunshine, even on the darkest days. She had an obsessive love of

giraffes and her "totem," as she called it, was the red cardinal that visited her everyday at

the window of her home in Fairfield. She believed the cardinal was a messenger, letting her

know that everything was going to be alright. If you visit our office you will likely experience

a giraffe sighting or two, and you may even notice a tiny cardinal perched on top of the

window frame in every room of the office. This is in memory of her.

Samantha continues to operate the business with her talented and much appreciated team, including: her front desk manager/intake coordinator, Colleen Chagnon; her super-on-the-ball, biller extraordinaire, Bernadette Queenan; her amazing Clinical Director and all around life saver, Stephanie Loglisci, her knowledgeable and dedicated Practice Manager, Kadisha Coates, and her number-one-cheerleader, systems guru, marketer, tech and HR support, Justin Birtwell; AND all of the empathetic, dedicated and uniquely gifted clinicians she works side by side with everyday. When Samantha is not working or hanging with her kids, she enjoys going on adventures with her husband and two boys, talking earnestly to her dogs, singing off key, working on pottery, writing, creating graphics, refinishing furniture, baking, binging on Hulu, and taking long walks with her husband around the neighborhood.


At Key Therapy we value our relationships. That means our relationships with each other, with our clients, and with our community. We strive to provide skilled and compassionate service to every family, child and individual we have the honor to work with. Our therapists all have strong and varied back grounds so that we can offer diverse specialties. Our intake coordinator works hard to make sure that clients are well matched, and if we can't place you with someone from our team for any reason, we try to help you find care outside of our office. Your well-being is our priority. Key Therapy continues to grow and develop as do our therapists and our clients, as we work toward our goal of offering comprehensive treatment for the whole person. We strive to live up to our name: Keep Evolving Yourself, and hope to continue to serve the communities we live in and love for many years to come. Thank you for being part of our journey!

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