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Kathleen Treacy -LCSW

Kathleen is a seasoned clinician with experience working with a diverse population including youth and adults. As a Columbia graduate, Kathleen has worked in a variety of settings such as residential inpatient facilities, hospitals, agencies and now private practice. Her background in substance abuse treatment makes her especially effective in working with complex co-occurring disorders. Kathleen is warm, caring, empathetic and skilled at working with clients experiencing anxiety-related disorders, depression, relationship issues, lifestyle challenges, bi-polar and other mood disorders, self esteem-issues and with families with children exhibiting emotional or behavior problems. Kathleen also believes in the importance of holistic treatment, recognizing that a problem in one area of life can create ripples that impact other parts as well. She believes in the importance of empowering each person to make his or her own changes while developing the skills required in order to improve daily life and relationships.


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