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In-home Mental Health Services


Tel: 203--261-7090

  • Licensed Clinicians

  • Private and confidential

  • Convenient and flexible

  • Individuals

  • Children and Teens

  • Couples

  • Seniors

  • Most Insurance Accepted

Key Therapy LLC

Key Therapy Counseling


Opportunity is Knocking...

Finding a therapist you connect with can sometimes be difficult. At Key Therapy you will be partnered with a qualified, licensed therapist, screened and selected to meet your needs. With years of experience helping people find greater health and balance, our therapist are non-judging, open, and focused only on how you can best be supported. 
Key Therapy LLC
We Have Experienced Counselors.
We Help Children and
Is your child acting out? Do you feel overwhelmed by family conflict? Do you have a child who is too anxious to leave the house or refuses to go to school? Are you struggling to integrate new family members
due to foster care, adoption, divorce or remarriage? We can help! Call us and we'll come to you. All you need to do to get started is open the door.
We Help Seniors, Couples and Individuals

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Do you suffer from phobias, social anxiety or obsessive compulsions like hoarding? Do you think you might be experiencing postpartum


depression? Or maybe you are suffering from health-related issues that limit your mobility? If you answered yes to any of these questions, call Key Therapy to  schedules  an in-home appointment.
Our Services

Is getting to an office difficult due to mobility limitations, scheduling, child care or mental health conditions such as anxiety, phobias or depression?


Are you trying to manage a situation that would be best treated in your own home?

Key Therapists are available to work with you, without judgement, to help you develop  greater skills, reduce conflict, process loss and trauma, help with parenting issues, improve family function and communication, or support you in whatever it is you need to increase your overall sense of wellbeing. 


We work with everyone from pre-school, to the elderly - helping couples, families, individuals recovering from illnesses or accidents, as well as anxious or resistant teens, the homebound, and more. Call us for an appointment or to learn more about this service. Insurances accepted.

Make a Referral

If you are from an agency and would like to refer a client for our OpenDoors in-home services please complete this form.


Once arrangements have been made our care coordinator will reach out to the client right away.

Open the door and

unlock a brighter future.

Key Therapy Counseling
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