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Ryan Passarelli -NCSP -LPC

Ryan is a school psychologist and licensed professional counselor. He has experience providing counseling and psycho-educational evaluations with a variety of children, adolescents, and individuals. Ryan takes a strength-based approach, looking at ways to utilize and develop what is going well while building on any challenges that may be interfering with life, school, family, or employment goals. He believes in the importance of a strong, genuine, and trusting relationship between the client and therapist. Some areas that Ryan often address are issues related to anxiety, school refusal, depression, behavioral dysregulation, relationship challenges, ADHD, autism, coping and problem-solving skills, sexuality, and trauma.

Ryan also offers tailored, comprehensive assessments of school children and individuals to test capability in many areas including academic and cognitive ability, memory, executive functioning, adaptive skills, social skills, and emotional concerns. Ryan values the importance of an individualized evaluation that leads to a clear understanding of its outcome and useful, creative recommendations. He provides individual, family, and school consultation as needed to maintain ongoing communication, transference of strategies, and commonality of approaches.

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