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Therapeutic Massage: Key Ingredients to relaxation:

Somatic Touch Relaxation Massage:
In this amazing modality, we use aromatherapy, gently heated tables, and soft music of your choice along with long, smooth and flowing massage techniques. There is extra focus on breathing and special attention is paid to aching feet allowing us to fully ground ourselves. The session ends with an ultra-relaxing head and scalp massage. In these times, we are seldom able to truly relax and remain in fight or flight mode. Studies have begun to show that this type of massage therapy can be instrumental in helping clients “reset” the parasympathetic nervous system, our rest and digest mode, which enables us to truly rest and heal. 60 minutes 100.00/ 90 minutes 145.00

Deep Tissue Massage:
Deep Tissue Work does not always mean the deepest pressure. It is a technique in which the therapist slowly works through to the deepest layers of soft tissue to help relieve pain and break through fascial adhesions. Deep tissue work can improve range of motion, reduce pain and alleviate stiffness. It can be helpful in even the most chronic of conditions, including TMJ, Rotator Cuff injuries, and plantar fasciitis. 60 minutes 100.00/90 minutes: 145.00

Oncology Massage:
Oncology massage is one of my specialties. I am extensively trained and experienced in this area and have worked for a decade with both hospitals, cancer care centers and oncology teams to provide safe and effective massage therapy for those in cancer treatment and those who have recovered. I have an extensive knowledge of the correct and most safe protocols for all cancer treatments and chemo-therapies. There is no reason to miss your massage during treatment. In fact, massage therapy has been shown to help alleviate some of the worst symptoms and side effects from treatment. 60 minutes 100.00/ 90 minutes 145.00

Pediatric Massage:
I am a certified pediatric massage therapist and former early childhood educator and have worked as a member of the pain and palliative team at CT Children’s Medical Center. From sports massage to help your student athletes perform their best, to medical massage for children , and even a autism specific massage for children to help with anxiety and introduction to safe and therapeutic touch, my office is a comforting place for your child to receive the benefits of massage therapy. * Parents of young children may remain in the room for our sessions. 30 minutes 60.00

Reiki is an ancient healing tool used in hospitals, cancer care centers and practice all over the world. As a Reiki Master/Teacher I have trained close to a hundred students in this amazing modality. During a Reiki session the client remains fully clothed with gentle touch applied to help clear blockages in the “chakras” or energy centers of our bodies . Each chakra relates to specific emotional and physical issues and a gentle and relaxing session can help alleviate pain, stress and tension in the body. 60 minutes 100.00

Massage and Reiki combination:
This is my most popular offering. The best of both worlds. 60 minutes of blissful massage coupled with 30 minutes of healing Reiki. 90 minutes 145.00

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