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Key Therapy brings you Therapeutic Massage with Jennifer DiSilvio, LMT

Jennifer is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Nationally Certified Massage Educator, and a Reiki Master and Teacher. She is extensively trained in medical and oncology massage therapy and is also certified in pediatrics.


In addition to deep tissue, Reiki, and relaxation massage, Jennifer has provided massage therapy to both hospice and oncology patients for over a decade as part of medical and hospice teams. All sessions are tailored individually to best meet your needs.


Jennifer is the creator of the STAR technique, (Somatic Touch Autonomic Reset). This massage modality is a total immersion in relaxation including a warmed table, heated lotions, aromatherapy and soothing music. The pressure is moderate with long, slow strokes allowing the body to reset and begin to heal itself.

With the STAR technique, both client and therapist remain silent during the massage, enabling total relaxation. There is a focus on breath as well as grounding, with extra time spent on aching and overworked feet. Acupressure and energy work are blended seamlessly into the massage, with no differentiation or disruption, allowing a more tranquil flow. Scalp and head massage finish the session, allowing a sense of pure calm and peace. The goal of this modality is to reset the autonomic nervous system back to rest and digest mode. It is a wonderful healing tool for those who have suffered trauma, are battling illness or auto-immune disease, are going through difficult times emotionally or are just feeling anxious or stuck.

Never give from the depths of your well, but from your overflow.


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Jennifer DiSilvio

Licensed Massage Therapist

Reiki Master

(Connecticut License No. 006882)

to contact:

203-261-7090 or 203-249-4315


Benefits of Massage

Relax more deeply

Increase blood flow

Release endorphins

Calm your nervous system

Improve sleep quality

Reduce tension

Lift your mood

Boost your immunity

Breathe easier

At Key Therapy we offer treatment options for the whole person.

Mind body and soul.

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Rates and Packages


Relaxation / somatic massage

Deep tissue

Pediatric ( 30 minutes 60.00)




Massage/Reiki combination


60 minutes: 100.00

90 minutes 145.00

15% off  For a package of 3+ sessions

Gift Certificates Available!

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