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Tomer Harel -LMFTA

Tomér is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Associate, and a Registered Yoga Teacher. He has been working in various capacities to help people self regulate, find balance and self acceptance, and heal the wounded parts of the self for over 15 years. Tomér's goal has always been to be of service to others, to help people develop good self care practices, self-compassion, insight, and resilience- both internally and in life.

Tomér uses the Emotionally Focused Therapy model to encourage connection, empathy, self-awareness, and emotional attunement with his clients.  He believes that finding the meaning behind our emotions, assessing our strengths, and validating our needs, gives us knowledge that can be a steppingstone for growth. Tomér naturally loves to incorporate Yoga in his therapeutic process, specifically grounding breathing exercises which he believes allow us to shift the focus from outside to within. As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community he is passionate about inclusivity and sharing a safe space for all.


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