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Key Therapy

for Mind-Body Wellness

Online Yoga Classes at Key Therapy Counseling

Online Yoga Classes at Key Therapy Counseling

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Tuesdays from 9:00am 10:00am

June 29-August 31-2021

Restore balance and well being. Help your mind and body to find a place of calm allows you to heal and recover more quickly from stress, illness, injury and trauma.

Our Summer Yoga Series

This Summer Yoga Series uses methods of yoga and psychotherapy to unlock emotional blocks in the body. With gentle movement, mindfulness, breath and intention, this yoga practice can help restore balance and improve health. Using somatic-based interventions participants are able to address conditions of anxiety, depression, worry, sleeplessness, and trauma.

For aid in processing traumatic memories, or for restoration of healthy sleep patterns, please see our other classes; Truama Informed Yoga, and iRest Yoga


Treating the whole person, mind body, and soul.

Senior Couple Doing Yoga

Meet the Instructor

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Dana L Saad is a Registered Yoga Teacher and Licensed Clinical Social Worker.


In addition to her yoga classes, she spends part of her week providing private mental health counseling at Key Therapy Counseling to individuals, families, and couples. 


Dana completed her yoga training at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health and has pursued additional training in Trauma-Informed Yoga (through Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga) and Yoga Nidra (through the iRest Institute).  


Her Trauma-Informed Yoga classes incorporate a mindful approach to trauma processing, deep relaxation, and mind/body balancing intended to treat current symptoms related to an overactive nervous system.


"She is wise beyond her years."

Dana is wise beyond her years. She’s soft-spoken she is extremely easy to follow, she gives modifications, her music and voice through her Bluetooth headphones works beautifully through zoom, she’s kind, she’s inspiring. All of her readings are spot on. She’s gentle, you feel safe, and I would highly recommend her classes. Her language, delivery, and explanations of themes are thought provoking. She suggests an intention for the week and encourages you to practice and bring it with you.

Trumbull CT

"Dana's gentle teaching allows a calm opening and deep relaxation."

"I’ve been fortunate to take yoga with Dana for a while now. I know I will rest, relax, reset and be ready for a new week. Dana has a true gift of intertwining beautiful, spiritual readings with her yoga practice. She effortlessly weaves the messages in through the poses throughout each class in a way that allows my mind to grasp the concept and think about how it may be affecting me. The messages always resonate in some way. Each class is unique, and always includes the gentle reminder to listen to your body and take each pose as a suggestion. Dana’s gentle teaching allows a calm opening and deep relaxation. I always enjoy and feel calm and refreshed after. It’s a great tool for keeping my anxiety under control. I am so grateful for her classes and highly recommend for beginner through advanced!”

Trumbull CT

"Dana's yoga classes benefit my body and mind."

“Dana shows her human and compassionate style when teaching yoga. This creates a very
comfortable, safe and pleasant environment for me. I am reminded we are not perfect, and to appreciate my body and mind however it is showing up on my mat. Life is not a competition and I don’t have to feel bad about myself if I don’t ‘get a yoga pose a certain way. At the end of class I consistently feel stretched, open and rejuvenated. There is a sense of familiarity that immediately is an invitation to unwind and relax. This sense of peace is so beneficial to my nervous system. I find the stretching really beneficial. Dana's yoga classes benefit my body and mind.”

Fairfield CT

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