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Choosing Love

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

When life happens to us, we don't always have a choice. Accidents, disease, sudden loss, rejection, childhood trauma.

These unpredictable realities can overwhelm our sense of stability and faith and eat away at our core sense of self. Holding it together, shutting down, blocking it out- these are strategies trauma survivors use to maintain a sense of control.

With no where to go, stress and grief can find its home in our body as well as our mind. Relaxation can become a mystery to those of us who constantly keep busy in order to avoid the negativity that creeps in when we are still.

How do we reclaim what we lost?

Like raging water carves a riverbed through stone, trauma carves a chasm through our heart and soul. We have to let our trauma pass through us. If we keep it inside it builds with such force it begins to break us down.

Mindful relaxation allows us to open pathways to release stress....

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